Bedini CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Clarifiers

We are pleased to advise that we are distributing the Bedini range of handheld and desktop Clarifiers within UK.

There are a number of products available:

Ultra Clarifier "HEX- BEAM"


"Just when you thought it couldn't get any better"

After many intensive years of research, Bedini has developed the new slim-line Ultra Clarifier "HEX- BEAM". Now with SIX opposing electro magnetic beams, nearly twice the rotation speed, vibration dampening, improved timing processing and LED light processing indicator. You can now expect the very best treatment available from all your digital media. The new "HEX-BEAM" extracts even more information than previously thought possible. If you are an owner of one of our other clarifier models, then you can expect to relive the experience again. We guarantee you will be listening to every disc you own as least one more time.

If you have a serious investment in your audio or video components, then you owe it to yourself to take a spin on the new HEX-BEAM Ultra Clarifier . Once in a while lightning strikes and the effects are breathtaking, a true experience of sight and sound that truly push our senses to the limit. What if you could actually reproduce this without losing all the subtleties and dynamics that digital media was intended to reproduce. With hundreds of surface imperfections across the disk "error correction" can be thought of as "using the mathematically encoded backup copies of the data that was corrupted." Not only does the CD use redundant data, but it also mixes up the bits in a predetermined way so that a small flaw on the disc will affect fewer consecutive bits of the decoded signal during the playback. Because the Ultra Clarifier treats the polymer, less error correction is used and your listening experience is greatly enhanced.

New features include: New chassis, Six Beams, LED Indicating Timing Cycle, Improved motor and Vibration Dampening.

(requires 12V dc adaptor)

Ultra Clarifier "QUAD-BEAM"

Independent reviewers have praised the qualities of the "QUAD- BEAM" Ultra Clarifier and its ability to retrieve hidden information that has been masked by the discs inherent noise. Since the advent of the compact disc in October 1982, Bedini has pioneered the clarifier technology along side the discs technology and has continually improved the clarifier products ability to make disc's sound better. The "QUAD-BEAM" clarifier utilizes four highly specialized electro magnetic beams and a precision timing cycle to achieve the very best processing from this model. You have an investment in your audio/video system and should not be without this superior technical solution. Experience sound so real you'll think that you've upgraded all your components. You owe it to yourself to take a test spin on the new Ultra Clarifier "QUAD-BEAM" . We guarantee the results will be the most impressive forty seconds in your audio/video experience.

New features include: New chassis, Four Beams, LED Indicating Timing Cycle, Improved motor and Vibration Dampening.

(requires 12V dc adaptor)

quad beam desktop - has a plastic case and transparent plastic cover.

(requires 9-12V dc adaptor)
(limited stock available)
Bedini Quadri Beam Clarifier
dual beam Junior

(requires 9-12V dc adaptor)
(limited stock available)
Bedini Dual Beam Junior clarifier
single beam Handheld (battery operated, via 9v PP3)

(limited stock available)
Bedini Handheld Clarifier
In fact we are SO confident about the ability of the Bedini Clarifiers, we suggest you send us a CD - we'll clarify it for you, using the device you are interested in and we'll return the clarified CD back to you for you to try out. See our home page for the address :)

Please note: This offer is limited to a maximum of 2 CD's per household.

You can buy Bedini Clarifiers from the following UK dealers (contact info shown):

London and South

Custom Cable - 020 8942 9124

Internet Resellers:

View the UK retail prices of items we distribute here (PDF, 160kb)

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